Most incubators/accelerators offer one-size fit-all support, give them some money (in exchange for equity) and put them under one roof for 3-6 months to build their startup MVP.

While this approach is producing some of the top class companies worldwide, very rare are the companies seeing a long term effect.

Technology entrepreneurs and sector experts must come together to meet the ever growing demand of life changing technology solutions.

There are lot of senior non-technical entrepreneur who have an experience in a particular sector and who can easily spot an idea or a need. Equally brilliant students coming out of top schools and universities have the appetite to build transformational products and services. There must be a place where they can come together.

In any case, all type of entrepreneurs even the so called “serial” ones will be spending lots of time and money to find some more. In the best scenario, 30% of the seed capital received will be spent to raise series A... repeat X2, X3 etc...  

Virtual incubators/accelerators offer more flexible support and often very limited too. They offer entrepreneurs mentorship, consultation, finance and access to our network. Both traditional and virtual incubators/accelerators are failing to support startups over an indefinite period of time - they simply can’t scale. Failing to scale is failing to support start-ups when they scale themselves.

Entrepreneurs need networks of engaged and committed people. They need top and experienced investors with limited bias, access to the customers of their customers and most importantly, they must be surrounded by well reputed experts who did it before and know the tricks.

We invest in startups without bias, we are not limited with time horizon and we can deploy all the resources needed. Investing throughout the entire start-up life-span is for us the guaranty to help step by step no matter the country (new market), the challenge and the growth rate :).

All participants (start-ups, experts, mentors etc...) must be voted in, here is the link to join us