Entrepreneurship is the future of most growing economies around the globe. The entrepreneurial ecosystems in the UK and EU greatly benefit the economy.

When you’re launching a startup, you may need help. If so, you might turn to an incubator or accelerator for guidance and/or capital. Both of these options are great ways to boost your business when you’re first starting out.

Ways to Help Your Startup


Incubators can help you when you’re first starting out when you have an idea but are unsure of how to execute it (Zajicek). They generally help a business out for 6 months to a year, but sometimes longer. Incubators are focused on helping your business grow (Clark). In 2017, there were 205 incubators active in the UK (Haley et al).


An accelerator accelerates the growth of an existing company. They connect them with investors. Accelerators last for a shorter period of time than incubators—generally only three to four months (Zajicek). An accelerator invests money into the company for a share of the ownership—generally 3-8% (Clark). In 2017, there were 163 accelerators active in the UK (Haley et al). Together these accelerators provided £33 million of financial support per annum, with £1.5 billion invested by UK angels per annum.

The venture industry is booming and there is now a need for a collaboration platform between incubators, accelerators, business angel networks, and investment firms like venture capitalists and private equity.

Consilience Ventures

No organization has created a platform that changes the process of building a startup, and no organization has offered a liquid, diversified financial product to startup investors that also eases the innovation acquisition of more established businesses.

Until now.

Consilience Ventures can help your startup from idea to execution and beyond. We are the innovative solution that does what the traditional incubator or accelerator cannot. Not only can we help you generate more returns at a faster rate, but we’ll help you through years of growth. Because we’ll stay with you over an unlimited amount of time rather than just a short time-frame, we’re different from an incubator or accelerator. We are more collaborative, technology enabled, and disruptive than traditional incubators or accelerators.

Consilience Ventures changes the innovation industry rules by removing limitations and bias using Blockchain, cutting-edge technology, and data science. We are a multisided platform business model based on value creation and sharing between members instead of commission. This is based on the work of Nobel Prize economist Jean Tirole’s “Platform Competition,” with extensions to accommodate for asymmetric prices and valuations.

Consilience Ventures is tapping into a huge market. In 2017 alone, there were 5.7 million UK businesses. 99% of these were small and medium-sized businesses. 650,000 new businesses are born annually.

Be a part of this amazing business community of the future. Join Consilience Ventures to accelerate your startup to success and witness longstanding growth!