Partnering with Consilience Ventures will benefit your startup business in numerous ways. We’ll find you high-quality experts, investors, and talents that use Linky. Linky is a digital share of the startup portfolio. It’s a diversified, liquid asset that is fungible and only created in exchange for a startup’s equity. Its ownership gives the exclusive right to Linky owners to receive the pro-rata when one or several portfolio companies exit because they have been bought, merged, or some other reason.

Consilience Ventures is introducing a new fundamentally game changing method; Capital-as-a-Service. It allows businesses to raise more capital at better a valuation over time and provide a very strong competitive-edge to those who can leverage it.

Our portfolio of startups leverages new mechanisms to reduce the production costs for your startup (more articles to explain how soon). We’ll also find you time-saving solutions to your problems.

Consilience Ventures is an exclusive community. Only our voted-in members can hold Linkies. We will never list Linkies on a token exchange because they carry the rights to vote people and businesses in or out. Each Linky also carries shares of carefully selected and supported high-growth ventures.

How does Linky work for startups?

For example, let’s suppose Startup A is looking for top-notch experts and funding. Startup A found that very difficult because there are already so many other startups that share these same needs. Many potential investors may be too busy to help, or they may simply not understand the business because it’s too innovative for them.

If Startup A applies to Consilience Ventures, our whole network analyzes its potential and immediate needs. Even if Startup A is rejected, it will still receive valuable feedback on how to improve to be selected or how to argue its success rate. On the other hand, if the network accepts to support Startup A, it will be voted in and a portion of its own equities will be swapped for Linkies. Now Startup A can trade its Linkies for cash or services. The community has a financial interest in growing the value of Linky because it is a fraction of Consilience Ventures’ portfolio. This results in normal suppliers transforming into business partners, which makes Startup A more resilient and more competitive.

How do owners and investors benefit from Linky?

When you need money for your startup, you can turn to either a lender for a loan or to angel investors. A loan will enable you to maintain complete control over your business, but it is much riskier than getting investors (Ward). You won’t have to pay your investor back, which is not the case with a lender. The disadvantage of an angel investor is that they will have some say in your business, because the investors own part of it.

According to the British Business Bank, Angel Investors can’t spend enough time with companies they’ve invested in, and 70% of Business angels have 0 exit after 5 years (Morgan). The return on investment for business angels is only around 2.2 times the money they invested. Yes, this is better than banks but it should be much higher.

Those who own Linky can hold assets with all the advantages of investing in a risky asset class—but with much less risk. They can invest in better-supported startups—ones that actually have the help they need to succeed. And, unlike traditional models, Linky provides liquidity and diversification. This makes investing in startups even more lucrative. By being a member of Consilience Ventures , investors can also connect with one another better.

Consilience Ventures combines the advantages of an incubator, accelerator, or private network and investment firms. Join Consilience Ventures to partake in all of these advantages and get the added bonus of the diversified liquid asset of Linkies!